Paul Brady’s Yamaha FG180’s

These two Yamaha FG 180’s belong to Paul Brady, one of Ireland’s great singer song writers. They had completely different problems. One needed a lot of bridge work done and the other needed a total neck refinish. The neck was in bad shape with a lot of dents, dings and scratches. I filled the dents and refinished the whole neck and headstock. (Sorry no photo’s)

On the other guitar the bridge needed a lot of work as there were two main problems. Firstly, the intonation was badly out due to the bridge plate being badly worn. This meant that the string winds were coming up over the saddle and disrupting the natural string vibration and intonation. Once the bridge plate was repaired this allowed the ball ends of the strings to catch at the plate and allow the string wind a proper start over the saddle.

Secondly, Paul wanted to install a pickup in the repaired bridge which had been previously repaired but the slot itself had not been cut perpendicular. As you can see from the photo, the angle of the piece I used shows that the slot was leaning forward towards the sound hole. Once I filled the slot I cut the new slot perpendicular to allow to take a Fishman pickup and to allow for proper intonation.