Richie Egan (Jape, The Redneck Manifesto)

Richie dropped in these two guitars that were a small bit worse for wear beyond the relic wear and tear. The Strat was equipped with a 3 way switch that needed to be updated to a five way. I installed an original type Oak Grisgsby switch in keeping with the spec of the guitar. The neck had received a blow which knocked the 3rd fret side ways. This needed to be replaced using the exact same size fret wire. I stock all sizes so this was no problem.

The No-caster also received a knock resulting in the switch being broken. Again I installed an original type Oak Grigsby switch and wired it modern Telecaster style rather than the way it was wired vintage style with the tone pot acting as a pick-up blend.

As the pictures show, the guitars are made in the Fender Custom Shop to accurate re-issue spec. To avoid confusion with a real vintage collectable guitar Fender have wisely stamped the word “Relic” in to the bodies and necks.

Both guitars then received a full set-up using gauge 10 strings.