Here is a list of the main services offered. However it does not cover specialist work that can also be carried out, please see below.

Setup & Service:

This is a full “NCT” for your guitar to get it playing and sounding its optimum. All aspects of the guitar’s adjustment are covered, including

  • Truss rod adjustment (to 0.000’s inch)
  • String action/height  (to 0.00’s inch)
  • String radius to match radius (curvature) of fret board.
  • Nut height (to 0.000’s inch)
  • Intonation (with rack & strobe tuner)
  • Fret board conditioning
  • Fret polishing (with jewellers wheel for ultimate polish)
  • Electrical servicing.
  • … and of course a fresh set of strings.

Fretting:Fret leveling 9.5 block


A full fretting service using all fretting techniques is offered for all guitars and all types of fret-boards, whether it’s rosewood, ebony or maple, unfinished or lacquered. All fret sizes are stocked and partial re-frets are also catered for.

Lacquering, Painting, Staining & Polishing:

A complete range of finishing services is offered from a total refinish to dent filling. All colours are available and can be used in conjunction with modern catalyst lacquers in high gloss/dead matt finishes or with traditional Nitro-cellulose to match the needs of any guitar and manufacturer. A professional polishing service is also offered using the polishing process and compounds found in the Gibson and Fender factories.

Wiring / Electrical:

All wiring services are offered whether you’re looking for a standard re-wire or a customised signal path. Vintage cloth wire and braided wire are available in keeping with vintage guitars and re-issues along with modern kit wire.

Pickup Winding,  Waxing/Potting:

Pickup services are offered from complete rewinds to waxing/potting. Pickups, especially telecaster and covered hum-buckers, are prone to micro-phonic feedback. This can be eliminated with waxing. All quality pickups are waxed.

Headstock Repair:

A broken headstock, though it looks nasty, doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your guitar. This kind of repair is usually kept for more expensive American brands. However, due to the relatively inexpensive “import” guitars on the market today a cheaper alternative repair is also available.

Other services include but not are not limited to the following. Any custom work can be considered and executed to the best professional standards.

  • Acoustic pick up installation.
  • Acoustic bridge plate repair.
  • Acoustic neck angle adjustment.
  • Broken truss rod
  • Binding repair & installation.
  • Floyd Rose tremolo installation
  • Pickup cavity routing.
  • Nut/saddle replacement (Bone, Tusq, Graphtec etc).